Training Division

The Haverhill Police Department (HPD) recognizes that the key to successful law enforcement operations is a police officer who is well trained. Accordingly, the HPD Training Division works continually to proactively provide the most advanced, job specific training to Department personnel in order to improve job performance and proficiency. This specialized training is in addition to the yearly, State mandated In-Service Training requirements.

The HPD Training Unit is responsible for:

  • Sixteen (16) week Field Training and Evaluation Program for all new recruits after they have successfully completed the
  • Police Academy
  • In-Service Training for all sworn personnel
  • Maintaining all training records for Department personnel
  • Maintaining State certification for all sworn personnel
  • High liability/ Specialized training for all sworn personnel
  • Professional development of all police employees
  • Firearms Training for all Department personnel


Fill out an application: Applications are available under Related Links on this page or in the Haverhill Police Department lobby.

Be college sponsored: Applicant must need the internship for a college class or for graduation. Individuals must provide documentation from the college and all required paperwork to be filled out.

Participate in the interview process: There will be an interview with the Training Division Supervisor. Prior to the interview, a background check will be done as well as a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) and driver history check.