LGBTQ+ Liaison Unit


The purpose of Haverhill police departments LGBTQ+ liaison unit is to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the LGBTQ+ community. HPD is committed to ensuring the safety, protection, and equality of life for all citizens. We respect and appreciate the diversity of our community and feel all individuals should feel confident when reporting crimes. The liaisons officers in this position will provide guidance and resources to the community, help create an inclusive workplace, and work closely with community members to discuss any LGBTQ+ related issues.

Officer Desiray Caracoglia works for the patrol division for Haverhill Police Department. She has been with the department for two years, graduating from the NECC academy in 2021. Officer Caracoglia received her bachelor’s in criminal justice from Bridgewater State University. Being a part of LGBTQ+ community, she believes representation matters and every individual deserves to be seen and heard. Officer Caracoglia wants members of the LGBTQ+ community to feel protected and know they have a safe space at Haverhill Police Department. She will always make it her priority to ensure every member of the community feels safe and heard.

Officer Nicholas A. Depina is originally from Rhode Island with a West African and French heritage. Growing into a very diverse community, he has immersed himself in positivity, becoming a voice of the people. Officer Nicholas Depina continues to advocate for all walks of life equally with balanced and fair support for the LGBTQ+ Community. Officer Nicholas Depina actively engages in LGBTQ+ social projects and events on and off duty to aspire and ensure all members of Haverhill’s LGBTQ+ community receive the same level of police service that is due to all citizens of Haverhill.


LGBTQ+ Resource Guide