Child Protection

Protecting your Child

Child molesters and abductors usually look like everyday people. Tell your kids not to talk to adults they do not know. Anytime they are approached by an adult they should check with a parent or trusted adult immediately.

How Child Molesters Gain a Child's Confidence

Often times they will befriend a child by asking for help. Some examples are:

  • Asking to help find a lost pet
  • Asking directions to someone's house
  • Offering reward money for assistance
  • Saying Mom or Dad have been hurt or need their help
  • Acting like an undercover police officer (children should only approach uniformed police officers, and/or marked police cars)
  • They may also gain your child's trust by very minor contacts over several days, such as saying hello to them repeatedly. Make sure your children know to tell you if a stranger is trying to make friends with them.

Children are Most Vulnerable when Alone

Individuals who prey on children wait for an opportunity when the child is alone. Children should not be outside their home by themselves, even for short periods of time. They should walk to and from school and bus stops in groups. Working together with other families in your neighborhood to develop a formal plan for kids to walk together is a good idea.