Child Safety

Child Safety

Tell Children to Stay Away from Cars

A car or other vehicle is often the means by which the abductor removes the child from the neighborhood. Children should never approach a vehicle unless they are absolutely sure they know the occupants. Abductors entice children to walk near their vehicles and then pull them inside. If children routinely see the same car parked (or following them) on their normal walking routes (to and from school, etc.) they should report it to trusted adults immediately.

Role Play with your Kids

Act like a stranger and see how your children react. Teach them the proper way to respond. Kids should:

  • Run away
  • Yell loudly
  • Say exactly what is happening


  • "Help, this is not my Dad."
  • "Help, this is not my Mom."
  • "Help, I'm being kidnapped."
  • "Help, call the police."
If children just scream, people may think they are only throwing a temper tantrum. The more you practice, the better your children will be at responding to difficult situations.

What the Community can Do

  • Be aware of all strangers in their neighborhood, especially if they pay undue attention to a child.
  • Write down information about strangers in your neighborhood.
  • Write down information about strange vehicles in their neighborhood.
  • Call the police immediately if someone is screaming or being chased by anyone.
  • When calling the police it is very important to give the call taker an accurate description of the suspect along with any vehicle being used.